Our Design Process

We help you design your dream home.

Homes by John Bruce Robinson understands that each one of our owners is an individual whose choices in life are defined by his or her unique tastes and personality. To meet your creative needs and assist you with fashioning your perfect space, we have unveiled a stunning Decor Centre. Once you have made your purchase, our designer will contact you to set up your appointments… and then the fun begins!

Stage 1 – Structural Changes and Exterior Colour Selections

Structural changes and selection include the foundation, framing, windows and staircase. Foundation revisions and upgrades will include any item not shown on the standard plan. Such items may include dimensional changes, fireplace chases, basement window location and any addition/elimination of structural beams and/or columns.

  • Framing revisions and upgrades, such items may include changes in exterior cladding i.e. from siding to brick. Any dimensional changes to the original plan and window locations, even minor changes such as a closet size must be decided during this time.
  • Window revisions and upgrades, such items may include adding/deleting a window, window sizes, window types (i.e. casement or sliders).
  • Staircase selection may include items such as the type of staircase (i.e. carpet grade, solid wood, open stringer) or any other upgrade that may affect the stair layout.
  • Exterior Colour Sections will include items such as shingles, brick and/or stone, siding, stucco, and much more.

Stage 2 – Electrical, Plumbing & Interior Colour Selections

  • Plumbing Fixtures selections will include items such as your choice of colour (i.e. bone or white), all plumbing fixture upgrades (i.e. adding a sink, whirlpool tub, basement plumbing rough-ins), and all faucet upgrades for the Kitchen and Bathrooms.
  • Electrical Locations will include items such as telephone, cable, internet, additional outlets and light fixtures (i.e. pot lights locations). All standard electrical outlets, switches, light fixtures and heating vents will be completed as per the Ontario Building Code. Locations will be confirmed during your Framing walk-through for accuracy.
  • Interior Colour Selections and Upgrades will include items such as, trim and moulding (i.e. crown moulding), cabinets and counter tops, flooring, interior paint colour(s) interior stain colour(s), fireplace, (i.e. mantel style), and spindle/handrail selections and upgrades.

Stage 3 – Final Sign Off

At this stage you will have the option to make minor adjustments to your Stage 2 selections, will review your selections one last time and then sign off, so we can get your home into production!